This weekend (Fri - Sat evening 6-8 pm and Sat and Sun afternoon 1-3 pm) we are showing a great mystery screen play from Walter Mosley novel and directed by Carl Franklin. The movie stars Denzel Washington playing the role of Ezekiel "Easy" Rawlins. Other stars included Jennifer Beals (who began her film career in Flash Dancer and was on her way to great success when it came out that she had passed for white) Here, in this film she plays a Creole woman who looks white. This is the first time that an African American actor plays the role of an African American who looks white. Tom Sizemore, is particularly nasty and Don Cheadle plays the friend who want when there is danger but you better duck because the man is crazy.

It was hoped that this film would open the doors to a series of films with Easy Rawlins uncovering crimes but sadly that never happened. I personally think it was a lost moment in filmmaking. You be the judge. You are welcome to BYOB; we are very laid back here.

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